Thank you for Serving at Marshall Road

Because so much of what was planned for 2020 was not able to be carried out, we are asking those of you who serve on our Ministry Teams to be willing to replace 2020 with 2021 for your service commitment. Please indicate using the form below if you are willing and available to keep your same ministry assignment in 2021. This means that if you were planning to rotate off after 2020, we are asking if you would stay on for 2021. 

What team or teams are you currently serving on at Marshall Road? Please check all that apply
Are you able to continue in this role in 2021?

Thank you for answering!


Here is the 2020 Ministry Team List


Patrick Ellis

Brittany Johnston

EJ Conley

Hannah Collie

Bob Johns

Sharon Myers

Church Property

Wayne Cox

Jesse Lemons

Chuck Houston

Jeremy Johnston

Karon Keever

Sharon Johns


Jake Diaz

Jill Sampson

Tammy Carter

Darren Schenebeck

Tyler Hood

Jim Weimer


Lucas Stewart

Nina Burgan

Lanora Lemons

Johnny Bradley Sr.

Tanya Schenebeck

Casey Moore


Alicia Diaz

Tim Doherty

Sarah Runshe

Julia Derfelt

Ashley Hood

Rachel Grubbs





Kathy Snoddy

Mahalia Hayes

Loreta Hestir

Jennie Stewart

Jackie Derfelt

Alicia Diaz


Ginger Smith

Sarah Runshe

Kelly McCuen

Brittany Johnston

Chuck Houston


Emergency Response

Ron Davis

Tammy Carter

Mark Brown

Patrick Ellis

Smokey Burgan

Brooke Moore

Policies and Procedure

Tim Doherty

Amanda Rodriguez

Darren Schenebeck

Kristin Montalbano

Lisa Buell

Alan Grubbs


Ariel Ascencio

Randy Boswell

Tim Wylie

Ginger Smith

Jeremy Johnston

Brent Rowe