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StuCo is the Student Connect Group for students grade 7-12th. Our mission is to fully equip them with everything

they need to succeed as they go through their teenage years and beyond. One of the biggest things missing from schools now is God and we want our students to know and show the love of Christ to all people they encounter. 


Consistency is something that is missing from many people’s lives and we want to instill this in our students. We want them to know that God is consistent in His love for us and that He is always with us. And to lead by God’s example, myself and the other adult leaders, we want to be consistent for them. One of our goals is for the students to make real relationships and maintain them so they can be comfortable in learning the Word of God and also to confide in their small group leaders. 


We have an ever changing, modern, and fun environment as we want this place to be something the students are proud of. We want them to be able to reach their friends and other aged students so they can ultimately be led to salvation. Our goal as a group is to share the gospel and we intend on providing the platform and the tools for that to happen. 


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